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television history

i’ve been trying to explain this sketch to people for years

I forgot about this!!

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i need to stop imagining scenarios in my head that have a -2% chance of actually happening it’s becoming a problem

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This scene was perfect

That time James Bond replied to homoerotic taunting not with some macho no homo bullshit, but by calmly implying he was bisexual anyway and somehow did not suddenly cease to be awesome but instead roughly doubled in awesome points.

I love this scene so much. 

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Predator PSA!

Please be wary of this man if you happen to run into him in the southeast Tennessee area or at any cons in the general vicinity of Tennessee and Georgia! 

His name is Kedar Thor Brewer; he goes by his middle name in person and online by the handles Tash Alistair and vinylscratchwubzu. 
Here is the source of the mugshot.

He was charged in 2012 for having committing three counts of statutory rape with a fifteen year old girl (he was twenty three at the time), and though he got off with a probation sentence, this was not the first time he’d had sex with a minor and he has a history of preying on underage girls. Up until that arrest, he’d gotten away with it.

He’s also an emotional and physical abuser, and though never diagnosed he shows signs of being a sociopath and a user who will come across as the most charming and personable individual upon first meeting him. He has never lived anywhere for longer than maybe two years, and depends upon the kindness of others to support him (in the rape case, the victim’s mother had actually taken him in to her home). He also has hardly any long lasting relationships with people past that same timeframe, as once they become aware of his true nature they stop associating with him.

Having supported him for nearly three years, I’ve witnessed all of this first hand and it’s taken me this long to find my voice and finally make this post. There have been at least three other victims I personally know of, and I would like to avoid there being anymore, ever!

He is a Brony, and aside from the Pony community, his other interests include Touhou, Phantasy Star, JRPGs, Gaia, and some anime.
He sometimes tries to cosplay, as seen here..
He would be violating his probation just by being in the state of GA—if you see him there, immediately contact police!

The charges were incurred in Clarksville, Tennessee. Though the judge did give him a diversion and a probation sentence, until that probation is completed in May of 2015, the felony is still on his record. Despite being ordered to, he has not registered as an offender. 

Please reblog to spread awareness if you or someone you know is in his vicinity of prey! If you see him at a con, immediately contact a staff member as that is a violation of his probation! 

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Go get lost where no one can be found
Drink so long and deep until you drown
Say your goodbyes but darlin’ if you please,
Don’t go without me.

C’est La Mort / The Civil Wars

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Tear-drinking Butterflies

In the Amazon, it’s not uncommon to see groups of colorful butterflies fluttering around turtles basking along the river. This is because they drink the turtles’ tears—an invaluable source of salt for the herbivorous butterflies.


This is so cool

Now I am imagining a butterfly mob making fun of the turtle until it starts crying.

For some reason this is reminding me of Glitch and now I miss playing all over again.

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Guys will never understand the joy of having your period a week before you travel.

And the horror when you realize you will start on your trip

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You know, when I was a kid, I remember being really stirred by the fact that Hermione Granger did actually end up having a date to the Yule Ball and that it was Viktor Krum.  There was something really powerful about a hyperlogical, bookish girl, who was believed to be incapable of getting a date on her own, landing a famous guy who respects and cherishes her just by being herself.

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Anonymous asked: I love your art work so much :3 I was just wondering, how do you pick your colors? they are just so beautiful and unique and UGH i cant do colors and it pains me



its about time i try to explain this as the obviously unprofessional i am. 

i just pick colors depending on my mood, there are colors that look colder and warmer, so i take advantage of that 


do you feel the colors. you gotta feel them. 

then it’s time to pick the best colors for your piece, aka AVOID THESE IF YOU CAN. 


sometimes they work tho, but why pick those when you can pick these


they give you cuter colors and better color palettes.

remember to feel how warm or cold or neutral you want anything to look. 


that’s better looking than the MS Paint default palette. after some time you will be able to choose nice colors, give it a try. (you can also make a new layer with a solid color and set it to Overlay and it should help). 


then the shading comes in, you’ll eventually realize some colors look better with others. BUT PLEASE PLEASE AVOID SHADING WITH BLACK/GREYS OR MAKING LIGHTS WITH WHITE.


ew that looks so simple, why do that when yOU COULD BE SHADING WITH COLORS TOO??? 



yeah that looks more lively. 

i really like colors and that’s why i experiment with them a lot so to fully understand them you could either learn on your own by trying (like me) or you could take color classes, which is good too because they will teach you about other important stuff like this 


but basically its just 


don’t take me too seriously because i just fool around with colors hnnn. u3u 

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this manga is the cutest thing i have ever read in my whole entire life

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small obama chases a much larger version of himself

I guess you can say he was RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT

literally fuck off




small obama chases a much larger version of himself

I guess you can say he was RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT

literally fuck off

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The marvel fandom´s gifing team waiting for the Age of Ultron Trailer like


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something that keeps me from having breakdowns in changing rooms is reminding myself that clothes are designed to fit people, people aren’t designed to fit clothes. it is not my responsibility to fit into ‘standard’ sizing, it is not my responsibility to fit a garment a certain way. that’s on the designers, the manufacturers, the companies who produce and run this industry. if something doesn’t fit, that’s not my problem. 

i am not the problem. 

This…Is really, really helpful.

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