Dormant Genetics

Recessive Traits in Dormant Genetics

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sircockatiel asked: heya!!! youre right, we dont talk. darn. but im glad you responded!! i would still totally be interested in your favorite color/ice cream/cat y/n!!!

BLUE! Always and eternal, my favorite color is blue!! All blue, teal too! It’s in my blue kingdom, honorary knight next to indigo. My sister has a kitty, mine ran away- but I am taking care of her ‘cause my sis is in the navy. Oh, I love strawberry, pistachio and mint chip ice creams. :) You??

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Thermochromic table by Jay Watson

imagine banging someone on that table

imagine being home alone and seeing imprints on that table

noooooo stop

Imagine having a friend sit at that table for a long while, but when they get up there’s no imprints at all.

What if you got up after trying to console a crying friend, and found that you had no imprints… and they were crying because they missed you?

This went from being inappropriate, to being scary an to just being something sad…

What if you sat and watched your family sit there, doing the talky talky and maybe playing a game? Only no imprints when they finally stopped waiting for you to join, and ‘went to bed’ instead.

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